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What we do: Dynamic interactive experiences

Kutoka Studio is focused on delivering meaningful experiences, compelling storylines and captivating visuals with engaging gameplay. We are available to produce all types of digital content from character development to a full finished game. We can create an original concept for you or define one around an existing property.

Products we can make for you:

Educational Games

Nobody does it better. We care about the quality of the pedagogical content we create. It will be researched and backed by educational experts.

Kids Games

We know kids. 15 years of working and testing with children gives us insights most developers do not have.


A great tool to market your products. Adgames help keep your brand around constantly. Kutoka original roots are in advertising giving us additional insight into this type of marketing tool.

Gadgets & Widgets

Gadgets are 'miniature applications' containing dynamic content, which can be customised and embedded on popular websites, like Google, Flickr and MySpace. Your content is distributed on people's personal profiles, which breaks the tradition of forcing people to come to your site.

Serious Games

Serious games are a special breed of games. When your goal is to educate your target audience, it can be a challenge to captivate them. You can achieve better results with interactive training programs.

Casual Games

Cross-platform casual productions, ranging from simple Flash based games to full-blown 3D games. Including iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

Our Services

Make a better game: A great game starts with a great idea and then carries that vision through until the end of production.

Business Planning

• Strategic Consulting
• P&L Analysis and Financial Modeling
• Marketing and Distribution Planning

Design and Production

• Creative Direction, Writing and Game Design
• Concept and Production Art
• Character Design, Modeling, Texturing and Rigging
• World-class Animation
• Game programming • Web Development
• Subcontractor Management
• Quality Assurance • Technical Support
• Ongoing Operations and Systems Management


3689 St-Hubert Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2L 3Z9 Phone: (514) 849-4800
Toll-free number: 1 877-8KUTOKA
Fax: (514) 849-9182
E-mail: info@kutoka.com